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Mandalaband: 'Resurrection': Comments from the fans

Comments from the fans

Positive comments from fans of the Resurrection digipak keep coming in. Find them listed below.

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What the fans say

Gert den Boer, Netherlands

I finally found this legendary album. I wanted to surprise my twin brother, after 25 years, to let him hear these fabulous special songs. We really will enjoy this as the memories of the early 80s come back again.

Daniel Escocard Correa, Brazil

I received the CDs two days ago. They are real masterpieces. Please send my congratulations to Mr Rohl and of course all people involved on the reissue of this marvellous gem. I had the original LPs and the sound difference is amazing.

Ad Leermakers, Netherlands

I've received the CDs and the music is gorgeous. Today I ordered Ancestors.

Eric Janson, Netherlands

It's hard to add anything to the comments on the website apart from the fact that I'm delighted to have found a CD version of the Eye of Wendor after all these years as a result of tumbling upon your website more or less by chance.

As a young student in the late seventies I became interested (and still am!) in symphonic and progressive (rock) music and found the original vinyl album in my nephew's ample music collection. Being unable to find it in any Dutch music store I made a copy on tape that I kept ever since and still play regularly as the album is one of my favourites because of its subtle melodies and arrangements that range fluently and within a few bars from introspective quietness to a full scale symphonic rock sound and back. I like what you have done with the remix and remastering: it's much more fresh and dynamic than the original version, let alone a 30-year old cassette tape. Furthermore, since this is a double package I now also own the first Mandalaband album that I enjoy listening to very much also.


Arturo Saenz, Costa Rica

Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how absolutely great is the work that you've done with the two 1970s albums. I discovered Mandalaband just a couple years ago with The Eye of Wendor and was absolutely blown away with the whole album. So this is the first time I've listened to your first album ... incredible material, great musical ideas. The remixing you've done with the Eye is spectacular – the way voices are detailed now is beautiful. Like the Wind is a whole different song, and the alternative version of The Witch of Waldow Wood is a real treat – it's my favourite song from the album.

This album is, in my opinion, one of the five best albums of all time, along with Freudiana from Eric Woolfson, King Arthur from Rick Wakeman, Night at the Opera from Queen, The Wall from Floyd, and Original Soundtrack from 10cc. Love your new material, of course. I listen to it all the time. Hope you keep doing music – you're definitely one of the most distinguished contemporary composers in my opinion.

Anton van Rosmalen, Oss, The Netherlands

David really did a good job in remixing/re-mastering - the music has much more clarity and especially the vocals are a lot clearer. With most remixed or re-mastered CD's you really have to listen hard to hear the differences, but with these it is very obvious. No need for hard listening ;-) My compliments!

Ian Chennell, Victoria, Australia

Received my copy of the remixed and re-mastered Resurrection today!! Love the new life David's work has given these albums - a lot of the quieter detail that was "down in the noise" a bit before (e.g. backing vocals, quieter percussion) is now clearly out in the clear. Almar's Tower is a good example - excellent! :)

Marc Moingeon, France

Resurrection sounds very fresh and new. I own the Esoteric remaster of Eye of Wendor and the version on Resurrection sounds even better than that one, which was already pretty good. The sound is clearer indeed, especially on the rhythm section. I'm glad you added the track-by-track credits and the lyrics, but I wish you had also added the magnificent booklet with the story and illustrations of the original LP that they had put - yet in very tiny characters! - on the Esoteric remaster. I tend to prefer the first album to the second - I love Om Mani Padme Hum and I really enjoy Dave Durant's voice. What a pleasure to have it at last! Better late than never, as they say. Very nice to have those bonus tracks too.

Serge Salomon, Denmark

I clearly remember when I first listened to The Eye Of Wendor. It was in 1978, a late evening, and the very profound connoisseur of music, Frank Laufenberg on his radio-show PopShop, expressed in eulogies the epic beauty of the "special new disc" and declared it a rough diamond in music, only for insiders. The next day I purchased the vinyl disc in a special music import shop. I have played and replayed this disc on my turntable and when my two boys were children, I often played them The Eye Of Wendor and they were also fascinated. Now I have purchased the CDs in order to have your beautiful music digitally at home.

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