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Mandalaband III: 'BC - Ancestors': Comments from the fans

Comments from the fans

Positive comments from fans of the album keep coming in.
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What the fans say

Mario Cesar Bernardino, Brazil

I am a Brazilian musician and I have been following the majestic Mandalaband since 1976. The first album still impresses me a lot and Om Mani Padme Hum touches me deeply – it is a masterpiece from David Rohl and is the ‘face’ of Mandalaband – there is no other word to describe what Mandalaband means to me. The music guides us on a journey into the cosmos and I can feel it also when listening to Determination (J.Stimpson). I have never heard anything comparable to Mandalaband and was very happy to hear about Mandalaband III. God bless you all.

Olga Potekhina, Odessa, Ukraine

I heard about this band and CD from Ed Unitsky’s site and this music is a great surprise for me! It’s a miracle – like a very original mix of Enigma, Pink Floyd and The Alan Parson’s Project. I listen to it again and again. It is deep and wonderful. Thank you!

Clemens Keultjes, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Beautiful concept, beautiful album. I found out about the album via the Classic Prog Rock CD – the Mandalaband track was the best track on the album.

Shachar Perlman, Rehovot, Israel

The progressive era is here to stay! I have always wanted to hear Mandalaband music. It took me a while to find their first songs on YouTube, then I bought their second CD ‘The Eye of Wendor’. It was a masterpiece – harmonic and so beautiful. I was so sorry to realise that I wouldn’t be able to listen to more of this superb music … and then I discovered that they made a new CD – ‘BC – Ancestors’.

I wrote to their website and got the CD and a nice mail from Barbara who sings in the band. The disc is all I expected – Symphonic Prog at its best. Not really a concept album but close enough – all songs are taken from biblical stories, starting from Eden, Babylon and more. The music is melodic, harmonic with beautiful voices. The band are all great musicians and the overall orchestration is grandiose. It’s a long CD – over 60 minutes of old Prog symphonic rock. Don't miss it.

Ann Lord, Brunei, Darkest Borneo, South East Asia

Wow!!!! Just listened to the clips from BC and it looks like Dave is back, better than ever, combining his musical strengths and passion for the ancient! Along with all the other superb musicians of course! The hairs on my arms stood to attention as I listened! As a Mandalaband fan from 33 years ago, this is brilliant! This CD is a must have! I hope we don't have to wait too long for AD!!!!!

Stephen Roberts, West Midlands, UK

Well done! Mandalaband III was well worth the wait - a rich and very interesting record. I have listened to it a lot over the last few weeks, always in its entirety and I really do feel it evokes the ancient world very effectively. Favourite tune: 'Solomon the Wise'. Great clips of Mandalaband III in action - the new songs are very strong.

Ian Chennell, Victoria, Australia

Got my first chance to listen to BC – Ancestors today - it is fantastic! The old Mandalamagic is once again alive here, but with fresh new dimensions too - a mix of atmospheric, ethereal, catchy prog phrasing, intriguing lyrics, and full-stretch rocking out. Congrats to all on a great album, I wish it every success. Really look forward to AD - Sangreal later this year, so have fun in the studio!

Great to hear about the remastering plans [for Mandalaband I and II] - it is always interesting to see what current technology is able to pull out in the mixing, so best of luck with it all!

If you ever wonder whether Mandalaband's endeavours over the years have made a difference ... when I was a young military pilot trainee in 1986/7, we were constantly urged to have stress release mechanisms in place. One of mine was to listen to The Eye of Wendor every night ... At under 45 minutes it was short enough to listen to fully without having too late a night, but was powerful enough to clear the mind of the day's stresses, and listening to it daily didn't seem to dilute its enjoyment or get boring. Something must have worked - I managed to get through the entire course without failing a single test event, and I don't think I could have done it without my daily dose of 'Prophecies'!

Marco Morales, Costa Rica

I am enchanted by the purifying, peaceful music. Mandalaband is brilliant and simply, the return of Mandalaband is brilliant. I have material from 1975 and 1978 but this music and the videos I have seen are something beautiful.

Andrzej Gwozdzik, Kilkenny, Ireland

I just want to say that 'BC – Ancestors' is a really fantastic album!!! I did not listen to anything else for the last few weeks!!! Great music!!! I am looking forward to 'AD - Sangreal' and I am sure it will be another great album! (I already have 'Eye of Wendor' which I heard for the first time many years ago in Poland - there are some people who remember Mandalaband from the 70s.)

Of course all my friends, who are interested in music, were well informed about 'BC – Ancestors'. I also gave this album to my friend who is a broadcasting station DJ in my home city. I know that he presented a few songs from the album, so hopefully Mandalaband will get some new fans.

Peter Preston, Wales, UK

Fantastic! Never thought a new Mandalaband album could happen. The first Mandalaband album has been my favourite album through all the years since I chanced upon it in a record shop in the 1970s. And when I managed to import one of the first CDs issued, I was back playing it as often as the vinyl used to be unleashed. I have the Eye of Wendor too but it doesn't quite have the majesty, anthemic message or raw power generated by Mandalaband I. But then Eye of Wendor is a different concept to be enjoyed in a different way.

Great to see David Rohl restored in full. A concert would be amazing if it ever happens and I would travel almost anywhere to see it.

Joop Horsten, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

I am a music lover of Americana/indie/folk-like bands with good harmonies and a talent for good catchy melodies. I also write about this (as a semi professional) in smaller, independent Dutch magazines and a few small local newspapers. People I write for are still interested in the physical CD and that kind of packaging.

I discovered this beautiful music through Myspace - the voices are very powerful and beautiful! By the way here in the south of Holland we have a few nice places to play a fantastic concert - 'De Effenaar' in Eindhoven and '013' in Tilburg ... It's good to hear the band is fully alive!

Gary Whitehouse, Nova Scotia, Canada

I found out about your band through DPRP - thank you for producing such beautiful and powerful music. This is a masterpiece. I've been playing 'BC – Ancestors' for my friends - they love it!

I'm very much into Mandalaband's music. I'm a lighting director/photographer and I have been listening to this style of music for many years - it has helped me to create the images that I do. I must say I find the design and layout of the CD very interesting - it works so well with the music. I'm ready for the 'AD' disk!

Ad van Loon, Rucphen, The Netherlands

www.radiorucphen.nl and www.laserradio.nl

I am a DJ on the internet station Laser in The Netherlands and there I have every Sunday evening a radio show with symphonic and progressive rock from 8 until 10 pm (CET) and I've played recently three tracks of BC Ancestors in two of my shows. I'm very thrilled by the beautiful music, that I could play the whole album in my show, but I'll have to stick to one or two tracks.

I still have The Eye of Wendor on vinyl and cassette and I play it two or three times a year!!! I'm very curious for the fourth album 'AD - Sangreal'!!!

Paul Watson, Auckland, New Zealand

Check out Paul’s Prog radio show on www.progpositivity.com

Beautiful. I liked the love and care that went into Eye of Wendor back in the 70's, and Ancestors is no exception. The solemn majestic feeling of almost being there in that space and time is magic. Ed Unitsky's album cover is amazing and David has done an amazing job on the booklet. The video clips are breathtaking - really capture the mood of the whole concept.

Marcel van Dommelen, Tilburg, The Netherlands

I've been a fan of Mandalaband for years now. It all started back in 78 when the Eye of Wendor was played on Dutch radio. I got the album and the debut one too. I've been following the news ever since the new project came about and now I read that maybe live shows may happen. So please do that and play some shows in Europe (not only UK, but mainland too). There are great venues in Holland. Ask Troy about his performances with Mostly Autumn in Zoetermeer and you'll know the perfect place! Take care and hope to catch you sometime on the road.

Alister Cruickshanks, Suffolk, UK

I love Prog Rock, especially ancient and Celtic style. I was reading Dutch Progressive Rock Page, www.dprp.net and saw a good review for your CD (I have previously not heard of you). I played the samples and they quite literally blew me away. I was absolutely amazed by how good they were. My wife offered to get me the CD as an extra Christmas present but I simply couldn’t wait that long! So yes, I am really getting excited about receiving the CD. You have obviously put a lot of work into your music!

Helia (Proggirl), Toronto, Canada

Congratulations on your latest CD, it is absolutely Brilliant! I can't stop listening to it!!

Alan Snowsell, Norfolk, UK

I bought the CD based on a sample track on the latest Classic Prog Rock magazine free CD. This is normally a gamble as often the track chosen for the Classic Rock is the best track on the album and not always representative of the rest of the album. This is not so in the case of Mandalaband III and I am thoroughly enjoying the symphonic sounds.

Robin Stapleford, North Norfolk, UK

Love the new album, and its lavish packaging. I can tell this is one I shall be enjoying still in a long time, just like Eye of Wendor. Very intrigued by the new songs, and the spirituality therein (speaking as an Anglican priest).

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